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Your Florida
Home Elevation Experts

Protect your home from flooding and restore your home from previous storm damage.

Get a No-Obligation Elevation Consultation Today!

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Whether your home was damaged in a previous storm or you are taking preventive measures to protect your home for the future, P3 Elevation specializes in raising homes above the floodplain


Our elevation consultants are ready to engage in developing your elevation plan. 


We provide an elevated design and engineering plan and develop a detailed quote for elevating your home or structure. Your custom plan facilitates FEMA grant requests, lender-required documents for funding, and insurance claim submission.



Our professional and knowledgeable team lifts homes and large structures above the risk of flooding.


Our expertise enables elevations of 2-25 feet and beyond.​

A windstorm-engineered foundation at the new elevated height provides long-term durability and peace of mind keeping you high and dry for forever.  ​


We have a proven track record in elevation and provide a structural warranty. ​



​In the case of previously flooded or storm-damaged homes, as a FEMA-qualified contractor, we will help you reconstruct your home's foundation, including design and structural engineering services.​

Our partnerships connect you with qualified local contractors to finish making your home move-in-ready after it is elevated.

Find out what makes us different.

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Our Mission is Elevating  Peace of Mind

The stress of a major storm is a normal way of life in Florida when you live in a floodway, flood zone, or near the waterfront. We provide a one-stop solution to alleviate that stress by providing preventive home care and avoiding potentially devastating storm damage.

If you have already suffered severe damage from a storm, we help you plan, elevate, and restore your home.


Our Services

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EA441553-6CB7-40CB-90A7-7DFA3798CC10 (1).jpg

Home Lifting & Moving

We lift homes above the floodplain to help protect your home and prevent storm damage.

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Flood Damage Recovery

We can help restore and make your home safe again, placing flood damage in your past, not your future.

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Elevated Container supported on pilaster columns with footings.jpg

Modular Home Elevation 

We elevate structures of all types and construct a new windstorm-engineered new foundation. 

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Choosing Planet Three to handle the elevation of my home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. "

Karen | Homeowner

“Anyone who is telling me they want to raise their house, I would tell them this is the company they should use."

Eric | Homeowner

“P3 did such a rock-solid job in their design and engineering that my house is more solid now than it was before they lifted.”

Delmar | Homeowner

"Working with P3 helped alleviate a lot of stress in the construction project."

Shirley | Homeowner

"P3 Elevation has given us peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about rising water destroying our home."

Laura | Homeowner

"We got a better job from P3 than we would have gotten from others.” 

Joe | Homeowner

“I was impressed with P3. They were onsite daily and the staff was friendly and clean." 

Diana | Homeowner

“I would highly recommend P3. It's the little things that make the difference.”

Gary | Homeowner

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