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El Nino and the 2023 Hurricane Season

As the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane season comes to a close, our relatively calm closing to an active season can largely be attributed to the El Nino weather pattern that emerged near the end of September and the beginning of October. In this article, we will discuss the El Nino weather phenomenon and how it affects hurricane seasons.

El Nino is one of two natural climate cycles that occur every two to seven years, with the other phenomenon being called La Nina. In the case of El Nino, during this time the sea surface of the Pacific Ocean experiences rising temperatures as well as a weakening of the eastern trade winds. All these together lead to a decrease in hurricane activity in the Atlantic, and to whatever does form to be weaker than it would have been otherwise.

Since it is a phenomenon that comes and goes, its appearance for us marks a more easy wind down to the season than it may have otherwise been.

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