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Home Protection Strategies (Part 2)

Previously we discussed home modifications you can make to protect your household from hurricanes. Some of these modifications include reinforced garage doors, hurricane-resistant doors and windows, and installing a permanent generator in your home. In this article we will discuss other home protection strategies to safeguard your home.

Outside of your home itself, it is important to consider what is around our home in home protection. If you own any outdoor items such as outdoor furniture, grills, outdoor pools, these items can become dangerous projectiles in hurricane-force winds. Make sure you anchor or have storage for your outdoor furniture.

If you have any nearby trees or plants by your house make sure to prune trees and trim branches to minimize the risk of falling limbs. This reduces the possible debris that could impact your home during a storm. Plan on having sandbags or other flood barriers you can place around entry points to protect your home from water damage as well.

We hope you found this article informative and helpful in preparing your home for this hurricane season. At P3 Elevation, we are committed to protecting and restoring your home from storm and water damage. With almost three decades of experience and over 2000 homes under our belts, we are here to give you peace of mind. From home lifting and moving, flood damage recovery, and modular home elevation, our FEMA- qualified professionals are ready to serve you. Reach out through our form or give us a call to speak with our experts and schedule your consultation today!

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