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Hurricane Ian: A History

In 2022 one of the most deadly and destructive Atlantic hurricanes would strike, creating lasting impacts that are still being recovered from today. In this article, we will discuss the recent 2022 category 5 Hurricane Ian and its impact.

Ian would officially be recognized as a Hurricane on September 25th and would first make landfall in Cuba as a category 3 hurricane. It would quickly intensify into a category 5 and hit Cayo Costa Island in Southwest Florida with sustained winds of 160 mph. In Florida, mandatory evacuations were put up for several counties, mainly around the Tampa area. More than 300,000 people were evacuated and a state of emergency was declared. Ian would later collapse the Sanibel Causeway along with the Matlacha Bridge leaving many stranded on the respective islands for several days.

In the aftermath, Ian had recorded 161 fatalities and $113 billion in economic damages, the costliest hurricane in Florida and the third highest overall. While recovery efforts are continuing today, Ian serves as a reminder of the capabilities of nature, and our ability as a community to come together.

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