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Hurricane Ian: Sanibel Island (Part One)

Sanibel Island, an area off Cape Coral famed for their world-famous shell beaches, beautiful natural features, and full of diverse wildlife. When the category 5 Hurricane Ian struck Florida in 2022, Sanibel Island was particularly struck hard and with recovery efforts continuing today, there is still much to develop. In this first part, we will begin to discuss how Sanibel Island was affected by Hurricane Ian and the relief efforts that are continuing today.

Hurricane Ian came into Sanibel with wind speeds exceeding 130 mph and surges of up to 12 feet. This caused many homes and critical infrastructure such as communication lines and electric grids to fall apart on the island. Most severe, parts of the causeway bridge collapsed, cutting off all car traffic coming in or out of the island, stranding many.

With this, the relief effort was primarily driven through boats. Though the hurricane damaged nearly every single structure in Sanibel, the economic impact was mitigated through the Sanibel Plan, which prohibits development on 70% of the island.

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