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Hurricane Idalia and Florida

The second major hurricane of this current season, Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida on August 30th. In this landfall, many parts of Florida were ravaged, and recovery efforts are still underway. In this article, we will discuss the recent Hurricane Idalia and its impact so far in Florida.

Making landfall near Keaton Beach around 8 in the morning, this hurricane was quite unprecedented as it was the first time the Big Bend region of the state had been hit by a major hurricane since the 1950’s. Idalia struck as a category 3 storm with sustained winds of 125 mph.

Storm surges were intense, leading to major areas such as downtown Tampa to be completely flooded. One of the hardest hit areas was Perry, a small city just 15 miles from the coast. Now, relief efforts are underway for the people and places affected by Idalia. While the full scope of damage is still being assessed, there is little doubt that relief efforts will continue for the next several months.

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