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Hurricanes and Their Names

As technology continues to develop and weather forecasting becomes better and better, simplifying any part you can becomes a necessary step to take! For hurricanes, some names linger through history while others dissipate just as quick, but where do these come from? In this article, we will explore hurricane names and where they come from.

Originally, hurricanes were identified based off their longitude and latitude, it was only until the 50’s where meteorologists began using names to increase public awareness and response. In the present day, a predetermined list by the World Meteorological Organization is used each season. These lists alternate between male and female and have diverse origins.

As a hurricane develops, it receives the next name on the list for its respective region. If a hurricane is particularly deadly or destructive, the name is retired. Some examples of retired names include Sandy, Michael, and Katrina. By giving these storms different names, they help aid communication not just between meteorologists, but between the public and emergency responders, making the season easier for all of us.

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